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The software will get you a lot of useful information e.g. profile of your trail
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Cyklotrasy is a route tracing tool for those who enjoy cycling. You could say that this application is similar to Google Maps, only that Cyklotrasy has been thought especially for cyclists. With this tool, you can set a starting point (either by selecting it directly on the map or from a list of locations), transit places you would like to go through, and your destination point. You can then set some searching preferences regarding, for instance, the type of surface you prefer, the difficulty, etc., and the program will do the rest for you.

Cyklotrasy will provide you with lots of useful information, like your selected itinerary, a profile of your trail (so you know what to expect), relevant maps for your guidance, and statistic data for you to study. You will be able to know many things relevant to your trip, such as distances, altitude, coordinates, number of roads and bike ways, types of surfaces, and much more. Additionally, every time you trace a route, the program will show you two graphical representations of it - the screen will split in two and in the upper half you will have your route on a map, while in the lower half you will see the profile of your selected route. With this, you will be able to survey the difficulty of your trip.

Now, although a very functional and interesting tool, one big potential disadvantage is the lack of maps for countries outside Czechia and Slovakia - there are no more than five maps for other countries. However, new maps can be developed and suggested to the program's owners via their website. Other than that, Cyklotrasy is a very complete application for those who love cycling.

Pablo Saavedra
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  • Provides lots of information that can be useful to have before starting your trip


  • Maps are greatly limited for countries other than Czechia and Slovakia
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